Why Work in New Zealand

Anyone searching for a brand-new, interesting profession can find plenty of opportunities in New Zealand. It's no surprise that New Zealand has become one of the world's most sought-after locations for living and working given its breathtaking beauty, hospitable population, and dynamic culture. The highest number of overseas workers are employed in New Zealand, one of the top job destinations worldwide.

You will encounter the following if you work in the New Zealand:

Cultural awareness- Working in New Zealand enables you to get an understanding of the nation's corporate culture and aids in the development of important abilities and competencies. You may discover how to collaborate with people from various cultural backgrounds and comprehend their viewpoints.

Networking possibilities- Engage with experts in the field to begin expanding your professional connections. These professionals can provide you personalised guidance on developing your abilities and even put you in touch with potential employers.

Value addition to your portfolio- Your set of abilities will grow more specialised and distinctive as a result of your employment in New Zealand, and these abilities and talents will assist in making you stick out to employers.

How Evren Education helps you?

Evren Education Consultants is well known for its industry knowledge and comprehensive support. For those who are working abroad in New Zealand, our service options for advice on international education come highly recommended.

  • Worldwide Consultancy and Recruitment

  • Connections & Networking

  • Postings for Jobs

  • Local expertise and knowledge

  • Assistance with sponsorship and visas

  • Support for Language and Culture

Types of Work We Provide

Evren Education Consultants provide three types of jobs:

Highly Skilled

Highly skilled work in New Zealand refers to positions open to those with advanced training, specialised knowledge, and advanced abilities. It entails looking for work or pursuing career prospects abroad, sometimes requiring people to adjust to foreign cultures, work settings, and legal systems. Working in highly skilled positions overseas might have several advantages. First, it allows professionals to learn about global marketplaces, industries, and best practices. Their perspectives will be widened, their skill sets will be improved, and they will be able to learn from various work situations thanks to this exposure. Foreign-based professionals frequently acquire a global mentality, an understanding of culture, and the capacity to negotiate various business practices.


Employment prospects for people with specific talents, credentials, and knowledge looking for work overseas are skilled work in New Zealand. Employers overseas frequently look for skilled professionals because of their specialised knowledge, technological prowess, and expertise. Working in skilled positions in New Zealand has various benefits. First, it allows one to broaden their professional horizons by being exposed to other work settings, industries, and business practices. A person's professional growth and marketability may be improved by learning new skills, methodologies, and views due to this exposure.


Unskilled employment abroad refers to openings accessible to those looking for overseas work without specialised training, credentials, or substantial experience. These positions often entail physical labour or simple duties that don't require high technical proficiency or specialised knowledge. Numerous areas and businesses, like building, farming, hospitality, production, service industries, and basic labour, fall under unskilled work overseas. Many tasks, including cleaning, packing, gardening, simple construction, or employment in restaurants or hotels, require manual labour.

How to Apply for Work in New Zealand

It's simple to begin! Every stage of the procedure to help you land a job of your choosing will be assisted by our advisers. You will receive the best help from our advisors to meet all the criteria to work abroad in New Zealand, which include:

Step 1: To determine your eligibility, attend a session of counselling To learn more about career prospects overseas that match your educational background, professional experience, and skill set, schedule a consultation with us. We will be able to suggest relevant work possibilities to you after carefully examining your profile.

Step 2: Register with us To begin the work permit application process, register with Evren Global Solutions. We can guide you through the procedures and make working abroad more simpler and easier for you.

Step 3: Delivery of documents Evren Global Solutions will provide you a list of the "required documents." This will enable you to gather the required credentials. We'll make sure you submit the necessary paperwork related to your work permit so that the procedure is simple.

Step 4: Interview Preparation You could be expected to show up for an interview if the company requests it. You will receive assistance from our qualified professionals in getting ready for the interview.

Step 5: Seek a work permit We will help you apply for a New Zealand work permit after we have the employment letter from the company.

Step 6: Visa Outcome As soon as we learn the status of your visa application, we'll let you know. Most of the time, you will receive a favourable response, at which point you may begin making travel and lodging arrangements for New Zealand.

Step 7: Prior to leave, help Our work is not done yet! We want to help you with your ticket, insurance, lodging, and other travel-related matters before you take off for your trip. We would be pleased to provide you extra therapy or advice, so please do so.

Step 8: Begin working in the New Zealand Here is where your new career and life journey in New Zealand begins! Good fortune!