Covid a threat to Overseas Education

Coronavirus 2019 or, COVID 19 as we know it, has impacted our lives more than what one had imagined.

In every aspect of our daily activities, Covid has brought out a significant change, be it in the job sector, in the entertainment industry, the political arena, or most importantly travel and tourism. However, one of the dimensions which were affected the most was the educational sector and its institutions.

From early 2020, every institution - schools, colleges, universities, and even tuition centers around the world, came to a halt. Education was sacrificed for health and well-being, and exams were postponed and eventually canceled. Many countries even announced a null year in the education segment.

Overseas Education faced the most difficulties in this dimension. Students aspiring to study abroad had to surrender their dreams, and those who refused to do so were also only limited to Online Classes of abroad institutions. Traveling to other countries in these times for educational purposes seemed impossible.
Not only were students skeptical, but parents also reconsidered sending their children far and wide due to rising Covid cases.

In 2020, a survey conducted in the USA revealed a severe decrease of 43% in enrollment of international students. In 2021 as well, this number has hardly changed.

The impact that Covid had on Overseas Education is so severe, that it may take several years to compensate for the lack of international students in these initial years. Studying abroad and gaining Overseas Education remains a dream goal for many students. Although the arrival of Covid in our lives have complicated everything, many students are still working to achieve their goal. It is expected that this motivation and dedication of such students will eventually bring a positive change in this arena.