Emerging Overseas Education in Australia

The USA, the UK and China have well established themselves as the prominent destinations for International Students. Another emerging nation for overseas education is Australia.

A significant number of students are now heading over to Australia for higher studies, post graduation courses and PhD's. Even with a sparsely populated nation and a significantly small number of colleges and universities, Australia houses 7 out of the top 100 Universities of the world. Universities in Australia offer over 22,000 high quality courses which provide degrees recognized all over the world. Over 2.5 million International Students have studied in Australia as of 2021.

A very encouraging factor which has helped in increasing the attraction of foreign students in Australia is the flexibility of colleges to let students work while they also study. Colleges offer students to work 20hrs/fortnight to make sure they are able to sustain themselves. A safe and multicultural environment as well as high quality teachers and education system provides clarity and understanding to students.

A relatively lower cost of studying that in the USA, the UK and China, has resulted in the popularity of Australia as an emerging destination for Overseas Education.

Agricultural sciences, psychology, engineering, journalism and Accountancy are the most Studied courses by foreign students in Australia. With over 26,000 students scattered over 100 different courses, the RMIT University in Melbourne hosts the highest number of International Students. The Monash University in Melbourne and Curtin University in Perth also host a significantly high number of foreign students with approximately 22,000 and 15,000 students respectively.

A high market value of 5 billion AUD was generated by International Students in Australia in the year 2018. This number has been significantly increasing since and is expected to increase even more in future years. In 2019, International Students represented almost 26.7% of the Student body population in Australian Universities. China and India are the most significant sources of International Students in Australia. Students from Brazil, Nepal and Malaysia also have a huge number of enrollments in Australian Universities.

International students contribute a major amount to the economy of Australia and the quality of education there does justify this huge number of enrollments in the universities there. With this increasing number of enrollments, Australia is expected to overtake China as the third most popular destination for International Students, following the pandemic.