Overseas Education in the UK

Apart from a ton of other reasons, one of the prime cause for a high number of International Students in the UK is that it houses prestigious institutions and establishments like the Oxford University, Cambridge University, and the University of Manchester.

The UK is the second most favored Overseas Education destination after the US. Universities here hold credit for shaping the modern education system as it is today. UK Universities are considered to be among the best international establishments providing high job prospects and high appreciation.

Securing the third rank in innovation and with highly advanced and effective pedagogical techniques, the UK provides an extremely informational and nurturing environment to it's students.

A report published in 2017-18 stated that nearly 460 thousand International students were studying in the UK, accounting for more than 19% of the student population. More than 35% of students of postgraduate courses in the UK were international. The University College London hosts the most number of international students with more than 12 thousand students studying there from all over the world.

The 2019 census by Universities UK International declared that more than 56% of the international students opt to study Business Administration in the UK followed by 12% of students in Engineering and Tech courses. Social Studies, Creative Arts, and Law are the other major courses that are the most popular among overseas freshmen. China, India, the USA, Malaysia, and Hong Kong are the top countries from where most international students arrive in the UK.

Lower education cost compared to the US, prospects of improvement in English language skills, variety of course offerings, and an impressive International eminence are among the major factors responsible for such popularity of the UK Universities among students across the globe.

The most recent distinction which further contributed to the international studentship in the UK was the policy of 2 Year Post Study Work Right to overseas students which was granted by the government and commenced from Sep 2020.

This initiative by the UK administration provided students the opportunity to truly leave their mark on the global platform and subsequently increase their studentship.