Overseas Education - The most studied course

Overseas Education has become an increasingly common phenomenon in today's educational arena. While it is common all around the world with students traveling from one country to study in every other country, it has also been noticed that students tend to choose some courses more than others.

However, this statistic differs from nation to nation.

For instance, more than 232k international students were studying Engineering in the US as of the year 2018. A significantly large number of engineering colleges in the US, high-earning job opportunities, and availability of a huge variety of engineering courses serve as the prime reason for this. Business and Management, specifically the MBA, is the 2nd most popular course among international students learning in the US.

In the UK, Business and Management courses are the most popular among international students with more than 1.2 lakh students studying the course in 2018. The University College London hosts the largest number of Overseas Students in the UK, housing more than 12 thousand students as of the year 2018.

While a very high percentage of Overseas students traveling to China tend to enroll in Clinical Medical and Economics courses, many of the students traveling from China to other parts of the world study either Business or Management courses.

The latest census of India revealed that most international students in India have enrolled in Engineering courses. Low college fees and a promising course structure serve as the reason for this. Amity Universities across India host the largest section of International Students in India.

In Australia, Accountancy and Journalism are the most popular courses among foreign students. The RMIT University in Australia hosts more than 26,000 International Students followed by the Monash University with 22,000 students.

Thus, popular courses among Overseas students depend on the quality of education and prominence of the subject provided in the particular country one is travelling to. These courses differ in every country. Universities also play a major role, the better the university, the more the choice of the particular course is noticed.