Why Study in Sweden

Sweden is renowned for its quality of education and research. It is an innovative country with excellent living standards. The education system in Sweden encourages innovative ideas and a new way of thinking. It is a fun, exciting and dynamic country to study in and helps the students to engage in critical thinking. The Swedish Universities focus on team work and cooperation and has an open learning environment.

Sweden is home to some of the world's best universities and fosters creativity. It has the largest number of multinationals per capita of any country in the world. Many programs in Sweden include internships that give students a chance to build a strong international network. There is no legal limit of working hours for students during the tenure of their course which is unique to Sweden. It offers a thriving culture that promotes diversity and equality while providing a conducive environment for international students.

Here are some of the benefits of Study in Sweden:

  • • GRE/GMAT are not required either for admission or visa

  • • Participatory and research-based education system.

  • • Safe and modern environment.

  • • 90% of Swedish speak fluent English.

  • • Project-based teaching in collaboration with industries.

  • • Opportunity to pursue salary based internships in partner companies which may lead to further employment.

  • • Ranked 1st in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) rankings for the third year in a row.

  • • Hosts two of the world’s leading heavy truck and bus manufacturers.

  • • The motor vehicle industry accounts for exports valued at 160 Billion SEK.

  • • A long tradition of industrial and scientific excellence in life sciences with home to nearly 200 international companies.

  • • Home to Medicon Valley with hundreds of Biotech, Pharma and Medtech companies.

  • • Visa Process is hassle-free with affordable financial requirements.

  • • International Students are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week and full-time during holidays.

How to Apply for Study in Sweden

Getting started is easy! Our Sweden education consultants are available to help you with every step of the process. We make sure to secure a seat for you in the best university in Sweden. Our overseas education consultants will provide you with top-class assistance to fulfill all the requirements to study abroad in Sweden, which includes:

  • Test Preparation

    Guided training & preparation for standardized tests like GRE / GMAT / SAT / IELTS / TOEFL.

  • University Selection

    Expert guidance in making the right choice to pursue your dream course.

  • University Admissions

    Proven assistance in every step to submit university applications and in securing your place in the best college in Sweden.

  • Visa Consultancy

    Experienced Visa consulting and assistance to help you kick-start your transition to your new life.

How Evren Education helps you?

Evren Education Consultants is renowned for its industry expertise and start-to-end assistance. Our abroad education consulting service offerings are highly recommended for abroad studies in Sweden.

  • Training for Standardized Global tests

  • Personalized Counseling Sessions

  • Guidance on Selection of the best-fit University

  • Guidance for Application Preparation and Financial Aid

  • Pre-departure Preparation and Orientation

  • Counselling & Intensive Interview Training for Visa

Our University Partnerships in Sweden

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of studying abroad in Sweden varies based on the course and universities of your choice. The cost varies considerably based on several other factors like length of stay, tuition fees, living costs, and your lifestyle. Public universities in Sweden do not charge tuition fees for EU/EEA, Nordic countries and Switzerland for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
The average cost of tuition fees for students from other countries varies between SEK 80,000 to SEK 140,000 per year (7,200 EUR to 12,600 EUR), depending upon the course and university.
The average cost of living in Sweden varies between SEK 8,000 to SEK 10,000 per month(720 EUR to 900 EUR), depending upon the students’ preferences.
The study permit fee is approximately SEK 1,000.
We recommend you to have your budget in place and discuss the same with your abroad education experts for further guidance in making an informed choice.
The student visa application fee for Sweden is SEK 1,000, i.e. INR 7,500.
Receiving higher education from an overseas university does increase your chances of securing a comfortable and higher paying job. Your prospects also improve because of the skills you acquire during your course apart from education. These can range from exposure to a global audience to managing international relationships to getting proficient in other languages. Acquiring more skills will improve your chances of securing the job of your dreams.
Since the cost of overseas education varies greatly, you must have your finances in place. If you do not have the money to afford an international university, there are several other ways to make it happen. For starters, scholarships and finance options help in a big way to decrease your load. Make sure to discuss available options with your overseas education consultant.
IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, it is one of the most popular exams conducted worldwide to test the English Proficiency of prospective students. In a lot of universities, it’s also a mandatory score that needs to be submitted for admission. Please ensure you appear for the same and keep your scores above required levels to secure admission.
It’s not possible to call any specific country the best abroad study destination for higher education. Depending on the course you are opting for personal preferences, every country has something to offer right from the quality of education to job prospects. One can narrow down the country of choice by putting together what they are looking for. The best place to start is the field of study and career plans. Our abroad education consultants can further clarify and guide you in making an informed choice. Also, do check out all country pages over our website for more information regarding the country.
Here is the list of study in Sweden visa requirements:
  • • You must prove that you have enough funds to pay for tuition fees, living expenses and return transportation.
  • • You need to have a valid passport that must be valid for six months beyond your period of stay.
  • • You need to have comprehensive health insurance coverage if your study program stay is less than a year.
  • • The letter of acceptance proving that a Sweden university accepted your admission.
  • • You may need to provide proof of health insurance in case you are not staying longer than 10 months Marksheets of previous academic education
  • • A document or essay specifying why you are choosing Sweden for your higher education