Overseas Education - An Industry of Sheer Growth

In today's lifestyle, education has become a basic necessity, a fundamental skill, and a primary requirement. Parents want the best for their children by providing them with the finest educational opportunities.

While many students tend to stay in their native countries and derive their schooling, many others opt for overseas education for better opportunities and a holistic environment. Overseas Education is today, one of the most flourishing industries around the globe with students traveling thousands of miles in search of better options and opportunities.

With the growth of nations, the spread of globalization, and the passing of time; the demand and importance of overseas education have increased significantly. The number of students who have traveled outside of India in search of International learning has risen beyond expectations.

Cultural diversification, new ways of learning, communication exposure, and various subjects are some of the major reasons for the popularity of overseas education. Gaining a global mindset and brushing up on one's language skills also contributes to this dimension.

Data from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics published in 2017 revealed that the total number of Indian students studying overseas increased from 67k in 2000 to nearly 301k in 2016, spiking an average annual growth rate of 22%.

Most students have chosen the USA as their ideal place of study outside their native nation, followed by the UK, China, and Canada. India also hosts nearly 40 thousand international students in various fields of study.

In 2018, data compiled by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs stated that India is the second-largest source of International Students with nearly 750,000 Indians studying abroad. The number of students enrolling in overseas education is expected to increase even more in the future. However, considering the current pandemic situation, although this field has come to a halt, normalcy may be achieved in the following years.